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Monday, December 31, 2012

Planning Our Airstream New Year's Resolutions

December 31, 2012
Dillon, Colorado

Airstream Camping in Breckenridge (Not Ours)

     As I sit here with my family in the heart of ski country, Melizza and I are busy planning our travels for next year. After three full seasons with our Airstream, we are still hungry for more. The Airstream has lived up to our expectations. Melizza and I love to travel and experience new things as a family.  Our Airstream travels have allowed us to experience travel in a new way. My resolution is to keep exploring in the new year.

     Airstream travel is not without challenges. My oldest son is starting to request more airplane and international travel. He is getting to the age where nothing will satisfy him. I love international travel and will try to work some in but I enjoy the control I have when I travel with the Airstream. For instance, on this trip our plane was delayed for our ski trip to Colorado. With three inches of snow, our flight got cancelled and they could not reschedule us until the next day. Those kinds of setbacks are a part of airline travel. That is especially true with a family of five. I remember our trip to London, Paris and Barcelona where we were stuck with the kids in JFK for two nights. I like being in control of my destiny.

    Next year, we have some exciting trips in the works. Since we travel around work and school schedules, some long range planning is required. Just like being in Colorado during the peak season, planning a trip to Maine in August and the Florida Keys over New Years requires almost a year in advance to secure the best spots.

    Our first Airstream adventure in 2013 will be a ski trip to West Virginia. We are going to attempt winter camping in our Airstream at Canaan Valley. While East Coast skiing leaves a lot to be desired compared to our current location, I am looking forward to camping in the snow. Canaan Valley is a four season resort in West Virginia that offers electric hookups year round. I may have to winterize twice next year but I am excited to give it a go.

     We have also booked a Father's Day trip at Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee. This is a park hidden in the mountains of western Tennessee. It is about an hour north of my sister's home in Black Mountain, North Carolina. We will celebrate the holiday with my father and my siblings. That weekends also coincides with the Rhododendron Festival. I hope to enjoy a nice weekend of hiking and fishing with my family.

     I also hope to spend more time in western North Carolina near Asheville. We had to cancel a trip to Davidson River near Brevard, North Carolina last season. It is a mecca for fly fishing and mountain biking. I will make every effort to get there this year but I may not be able to work it in until the fall.

    Michigan is always on the menu for us and I expect a weekend escape or two on the shores of Lake Michigan. We have visited so many great parks in western Michigan that it will be hard to decide where to visit. One of these days we will explore the Upper Peninsula. I hope to work in a fly fishing trip in West Virginia as well. Ethan has become quite the young fisherman and I want to encourage this hobby.

     Our first epic trip for next year will be a journey to Maine. Ever since our first Airstream rental in Acadia National Park, we have been waiting for the right opportunity to return in our own Airstream. We are planning to visit Maine in late July and early August. We will start our explorations in Down East Maine at Cobscook Bay. This park is off the beaten path. They allow clamming at the state park which I think the kids will love. It is also very close to the Canadian Maritime Provinces which I expect we will explore. We will at least take a day trip to the Bay of Fundy. No trip to Maine would be complete without a visit Acadia National Park   This is where our love affair with Airstreams began. We will also stay at Camden Hills State Park which is located on a mountain above the towns of Camden and Rockport. I can already smell the lobster rolls. Finally, we will try to hit Baxter State Park. This park happens to be the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Mount Katahadin is a spectacular sight to behold and I can't wait to hike to the top with my family.

     We will end the year by spending Christmas at Disney World. I hope to visit Savannah and Saint Augustine on the way down. After Disney we will head down to Miami and the Florida Keys for New Years. We have always wanted to take our Airstream to the Keys. We know several Airstream owners who have made the journey and they universally love the experience. While I have never spent Christmas away from home, I am willing to give it a try next year to spend some time in the Keys. Melizza and I have a long tradition of spending New Years in great locations. Next year we will spend it in our Airstream.  Now I just have to figure out where to put my kayak.

     My next project will be planning a trip out west.  I have been itching to head west since I purchased the Airstream.  Sadly, that may have to wait until 2014.

     Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you all health, wealth, happiness and adventure in the next year.